Saturday, November 10, 2012

Final: ACU 24, UIW 12

With 11:16 to play, UIW’s Saul Meza kicked his fourth field goal of the game, this one a 26-yarder to pull the Cardinals to within 5 points, 17-12.

Charcandrick West puts ACU further ahead with a 5-yard TD run, capping an eight-play, 62-yard drive. Ryan Owens’ PAT kick was good, giving the Wildcats a 24-12 lead with 8:17 left.

First downs: UIW 20, ACU 18
Rushing: UIW 46 for 181 yards, ACU 18 for 76 yards
Passing: ACU 25 of 36 for 408 yards, 2 TDs and 1 INT, UIW 16 of 25 for 104 yards
Total yards: ACU 484, UIW 285
Penalties: ACU 8 for 89 yards, UIW 4 for 27 yards
Time of possession: UIW 36:06, ACU 23:54
Third-down conversions: ACU 2 of 8, UIW 5 of 16
ACU passing: Mitchell Gale, 25 of 36 for 408 yards, 2 TDs and 1 INT
ACU rushing: Charcandrick West, 11 for 72 yards, Darrell Cantu-Harkless, 1 for 0 yards; John David Baker, 2 for 11 yards; and Mitchell Gale, 2 for -3 yards
ACU receiving: Charcandrick West, 4 for 109 yards and 1 TD; Darrell Cantu-Harkless, 9 for 102 yards; Darian Hogg, 3 for 92 yards and 1 TD; Demarcus Thompson, 5 for 70 yards; Jonathan Parker, 2 for 19 yards; Temi Ogunleye, 1 for 13 yards; and Taylor Gabriel, 1 for 3 yards
ACU tackles: Justin Stephens, 12.5 and 1 sack; Mike Wallace, 9; Angel Lopez, 4.5 and 1 sack; Nick Richardson, 4.5 and 1 sack

End of Q3: ACU 17, UIW 9

UIW's Saul Meza kicked a 37-yard field goal with 7:20 left in the quarter, cutting ACU's lead to 17-9. The drive was set up by a Kielyn Lewis interception of ACU's Mitchell Gale.

Halfway through the quarter, on a 28-yard pass completion to Demarcus Thompson on second down and 8 from the Wildcat 40-yard line, Gale became the ACU and Lone Star Conference career passing leader.

End of Q2: ACU 17, UIW 6

On ACU's first drive of the quarter, Mitchell Gale completed a short shovel pass to Charcandrick West and the speedy back went 87 yards – the longest TD pass play in Gale's four-year career – at the 14:42 mark. Ryan Owens’ PAT was successful, giving the Wildcats a 10-6 lead.

With 2:58 left in the quarter, Gale dialed another long-distance TD strike, this one for 80 yards to wide receiver Darian Hogg. Owens’ PAT kick put the Wildcats up 17-6. 

First downs: UIW 13, ACU 7
Rushing: UIW 28 for 120 yards, ACU 5 for 14 yards
Passing: ACU 9 of 17 for 237 yards and 2 TDs, UIW 11 of 17 for 79 yards
Total yards: ACU 251, UIW 199
Penalties: ACU 3 for 24 yards, UIW 1 for 2 yards
Time of possession: UIW 22:02, ACU 7:58
Third-down conversions: ACU 1 of 4, UIW 2 of 9
ACU passing: Mitchell Gale, ACU 9 of 17 for 237 yards and 2 TDs
ACU rushing: Charcandrick West, 3 for 16 yards, Darrell Cantu-Harkless, 1 for 0 yards; and Mitchell Gale, 1 for -2 yards
ACU receiving: Charcandrick West, 3 for 106 yards and 1 TD, Darian Hogg, 1 for 80 yards and 1 TD; Darrell Cantu-Harkless, 4 for 48 yards; and Taylor Gabriel, 1 for 3 yards
ACU tackles: Justin Stephens, 8.5; Mike Wallace, 7; Angel Lopez, 2.5 and 1 sack; Nick Richardson, 1.5 and 1 sack

End of Q1: UIW 6, ACU 3

Incarnate Word did not get off to a great start. Marcus Wright fumbled the opening kickoff, giving ACU the ball at the UIW 12-yard line.

The Wildcats could not convert on a touchdown try, so they settled for a 27-yard field goal by Ryan Owens at the 14:30 mark, and a 3-0 lead.

The Cardinals went on a 17-play drive that concluded with a 43-yard field goal by Saul Meza with 6:25 left, pulling UIW even at 3-3.

Following an ACU punt, UIW went on top 6-3 with a 28-yard field goal by Meza with 42 seconds on the clock.

Final: ACU 22, West Alabama 16 OT

West Alabama got on the scoreboard when backup quarterback Kyle Caldwell threw a 10-yard TD pass to wide receiver Malik Lofton with 12:34 left, cutting ACUs lead to 13-7.

ACU added another 3 points on Ryan Owens’ third field goal of the game, a 24-yarder with

Caldwell threw his second TD pass of the quarter a 34-yarder to Chad Toocheck with 6:06 remaining. However, linebacker Thor Woerner blocked the extra point attempt, leaving the new score 16-13.

UWA cashed in on its third scoring drive of the quarter when placekicker Ryne Smith booted a 30-yard field goal with 13 seconds left in regulation, tying the game at 16.

ACU's Darrell Cantu-Harkless returned the ensuing kickoff 46 yards to the Tigers’ 46-yard line, and Morgan Lineberry's 63-yard field goal attempt as time expired fell short.

ACU got the ball in the first overtime and scored when Cantu-Harkless caught a pass in the left flat and scored a 14-yard TD. The Wildcats held the Tigers on their possession, with defensive back Steven Ford breaking up a fourth-down pass to give the Wildcats the wild win.

First downs: ACU 22, UWA 16
Rushing: ACU 34 for 87 yards, UWA 41 for 155 yards
Passing: ACU 24 of 42 for 284 yards and 1 TD, UWA 21 of 30 for 240 yards
Total yards: ACU 371, UWA 395
Penalties: ACU 6 for 45 yards, UWA 4 for 28 yards
Time of possession: UWA 29:36, ACU 30:24
Third-down conversions: ACU 9 of 18, UWA 4 of 14

Fourth-down conversions: ACU 2 of 3, UWA 4 of 6

ACU passing: Mitchell Gale, ACU 24 of 42 for 284 yards and 1 TD
ACU rushing: Darrell Cantu-Harkless, 13 for 58 yards; Charcandrick West, 12 for 55 yards, Taylor Gabriel, 2 for 7 yards; and Eldon Crochran, 1 for 2 yards
ACU receiving: Darrell Cantu-Harkless, 9 for 113 yards and 1 TD; Taylor Gabriel, 5 for 71 yards; Darian Hogg, 5 for 46 yards; Demarcus Thompson, 2 for 31 yards; Drew Peters, 1 for 16 yards; Charcandrick West, 1 for 5; and Eldon Crochran, 1 for 2 yards
ACU tackles: Angel Lopez, 12 and 1 forced fumble; Mike Wallace, 11; L.B. Suggs, 9; Justin Stevens, 8 and 1 fumble recovery; and Thor Woerner, 7 and 1 blocked PAT

Saturday, November 3, 2012

End of Q3: ACU 13, West Alabama 0

Ryan Owens kicked his second field goal of the game with 3:23 left in the third quarter, a 24-yarder that put ACU further ahead, 13-0.

The quarter ended with West Alabama driving into Wildcat territory.

End of Q2: ACU 10, West Alabama 0

ACU drove to the UWA 19 but a sack, a bad snap from center and a delay of game penalty pushed the Wildcats back to the 35, where they were forced to punt.

On their next drive, ACU advanced to the Tigers 10-yard line, but fell 1 yard short of a first down on fourth down and 4, turning the ball over to UWA on downs at the 7-yard-line with 4:41 left in the half.

UWA’s George Rowe ran 10 yards for a first down but Wildcat defensive back Angel Lopez forced a fumble that Justin Stewart recovered on the ACU 30-yard line with 1:47 remaining.

First downs: ACU 10, UWA 6
Rushing: ACU 17 for 49 yards, UWA 17 for 38 yards
Passing: ACU 14 of 23 for 176 yards, UWA 7 of 9 for 91 yards
Total yards: ACU 225, UWA 129
Penalties: ACU 6 for 45 yards, UWA 3 for 23 yards
Time of possession: UWA 13:29, ACU 16:31
Third-down conversions: ACU 2 of 8, UWA 1 of 5
ACU passing: Mitchell Gale, ACU 14 of 23 for 176 yards
ACU rushing: Charcandrick West, 7 for 33 yards and 1 TD, Darrell Cantu-Harkless, 4 for 28 yards; Taylor Gabriel, 2 for 7 yards; and Mitchell Gale, 3 for -4 yards
ACU receiving: Darrell Cantu-Harkless, 5 for 70 yards; Taylor Gabriel, 3 for 46 yards; Demarcus Thompson, 2 for 31 yards; Darian Hogg, 2 or 11 yards; Drew Peters, 1 or 16 yards; and Eldon Crochran, 1 for 2 yards
ACU tackles: Mike Wallace, 5; Justin Stewart, 3 and 1 fumble recovery; L.B. Suggs, 3; Thor Woerner, 3; Angel Lopez, 3 and 1 forced fumble; Travis Tarver, 3; and Melvin Shead, 3

End of Q1: ACU 10, West Alabama 0

ACU opened the game with a 33-yard pass from quarterback Mitchell Gale, playing in the final home game of his career, to wide receiver Taylor Gabriel. The Wildcats successfully gambled on a fourth-down-and-1 from the West Alabama 22 yard line. Three plays later, Ryan Owens kicked a 34-yard field goal to put his team on top, 3-0 with 9:58 left in the first quarter.

West Alabama's first drive was stopped by the Wildcat defense, and Darrell Cantu-Harkless returned the Tiger punt 71 yards to the UWA 9-yard line. Three plays later, Charcandrick West barreled up the middle for a 1-yard TD. Owens’ successful PAT gave ACU a 10-0 lead with 5:50 remaining.

The quarter ended with ACU beginning its third drive of the game.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Final: MSU 35, ACU 31

Tight end Jamie Walker caught a 5-yard pass from Mitchell Gale with 5:43 left in the game. Ryan Owens’ successful PAT put ACU back on top, 31-28.

But the Mustangs answered right back on their next drive, with Brandon Kelsey wrapping up a 12-play, 75-yard drive by rushing for his fourth TD of the game, an 11-yarder with 1:27 remaining that put MSU back in the lead, 35-31.

A last-gasp drive by ACU started at the Wildcat 35-yard-line but ended six plays later when a pass from Gale, intended for Darian Hogg, landed out of bounds with 49 seconds on the clock.

MSU ran out the clock and the Wildcat upset bid ended.

First downs: MSU 30, ACU 25
Rushing: MSU 53 for 389 yards, ACU 32 for 92 yards
Passing: ACU 26 of 38 for 335 yards and 3 TDs, MSU 12 of 16 for 121 yards and 1 INT
Total yards: MSU 510, ACU 427
Penalties: MSU 8 for 90 yards, ACU 5 for 43 yards
Time of possession: ACU 30:26, MSU 29:34
Third-down conversions: ACU 5 of 12, MSU 4 of 6
ACU passing: Mitchell Gale, ACU 26 of 38 for 335 yards and 3 TD
ACU rushing: Charcandrick West, 18 for 63 yards; Darrell Cantu-Harkless, 7 of 12; Marcel Threat, 2 for 9 yards; and Mitchell Gale, 5 for 8 yards
ACU receiving: Taylor Gabriel, 9 for 116 yards and 2 TDs; Darrell Cantu-Harless, 7 for 94 yards; Darian Hogg, 4 for 66 yards; Demarcus Thompson, 3 for 33 yards; Charcandrick West, 1 for 16 yards; Elton Crochran, 1 for 5 yards; Jamie Walker, 1 for 5 yards
ACU tackles: L.B. Suggs, 13; Angel Lopez, 12; Steven Ford, 10 and 1 INT, Justin Stephens, 9; and Mike Wallace, 8; 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

End of Q3: MSU 28, ACU 24

MSU went back on top, 21-17, when Kelsey ran for his third TD of the game at the 9:23 mark, a 6-yard rush up the middle.

ACU responded with an 8-play, 75-yard drive, capped by Mitchell Gale's 20-yard TD pass to Taylor Gabriel with 5:24 left, putting the Wildcats back on top, 24-21.

MSU kept the ball on the ground for its next drive, moving 82 yards in eight plays. Lone Star Conference rushing leader Keidrick Jackson ran the final 8 yards for a TD to put his team back in the lead, 28-24, with 1:48 left.

End of Q2: ACU 17, Midwestern 14

Morgan Lineberry missed a 49-yard field goal at the 12:23 mark.

MSU looked to be driving for another score when Keivan Swanson fumbled the ball following a catch, and ACU linebacker Mike Wallace recovered at the Wildcat 19-yard line with 10:59 left.

ACU's Ryan Owens kicked a 32-yard field goal with 4:04 left.

On MSU's next drive, defensive back Steven Ford intercepted Brandon Kelsey's pass on the Wildcat 45-yard line with 2:40 left.

ACU's drive stalled and Owens' 49-yard field goal attempt was blocked with 53 seconds left.

First downs: ACU 16, MSU 13
Rushing: MSU 16 for 145 yards, ACU 25 for 80 yards
Passing: ACU 13 of 17 for 187 yards and 1 TD, MSU 8 of 10 for 81 yards and 1 INT
Total yards: ACU 267, MSU 226
Penalties: MSU 4 for 50 yards, ACU 3 for 27 yards
Time of possession: MSU 09:55, ACU 20:05
Third-down conversions: ACU 3 of 7, MSU 1 of 1
ACU passing: Mitchell Gale, ACU 13 of 17 for 187 yards and 1 TD
ACU rushing: Charcandrick West, 18 for 63 yards; Marcel Threat, 2 for 9 yards; and Mitchell Gale, 5 for 8 yards
ACU receiving: Taylor Gabriel, 5 for 75 yards and 1 TD; Darrell Cantu-Harless, 4 for 46 yards; Darian Hogg, 2 for 45 yards; Charcandrick West, 1 for 16 yards; and Elton Crochran, 1 for 5 yards
ACU tackles: L.B. Suggs, 7; Angel Lopez, 5; Mike Wallace, 5; Jesse Harper, 6; and Steven Ford, 2 and 1 INT

End of Q1: ACU 14, Midwestern 14

ACU kept the ball on the ground for much of its opening drive, and opened the scoring when Mitchell Gale hit Taylor Gabriel with a 10-yard TD pass at the 10:08 mark. Morgan Linebery's successful PAT put ACU on top, 7-0.

Midwestern answered with a touchdown on its first drive. Quarterback Brandon Kelsey kept the ball and ran 2 yards for the score, pulling the Mustangs even at 7-7 with 6:10 left.

A third-down, 46-yard pass from Gale to Gabriel keyed the Wildcats' second drive. Charcandrick West ran 3 yards for a TD on the next play, and Lineberry's PAT made the new score 14-7 with 2:49 remaining.

It only took the Mustangs five plays to move 75 yards, with Kelsey knotting the score at 14-14 when he scampered 30 yards for a TD with 33 seconds left in the quarter.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

FInal: ACU 59, ENMU 17

ENMU scored when quarterback Wesley Wood ran 5 yards for a TD with 8:40 left, cutting the ACU lead to 52-17.

Using a new quarterback combination of John David Baker and Caleb Stone, ACU drove to another score with 4:46 left. Marcel Threat ran 5 yards for the TD, and Lineberry's successful PAT made the new, and final, score 59-17.

First downs: ACU 24, ENMU 20
Rushing: ENMU 55 for 244 yards, ACU 33 for 136 yards
Passing: ACU 19 of 29 for 261 yards and 4 TDs, ENMU 9 of 19 for 68 yards and 3 INTs
Total yards: ACU 397, ENMU 312
Penalties: ENMU 8 for 64 yards, ACU 9 for 70 yards
Time of possession: ENMU 34:56, ACU 24:04
Third-down conversions: ACU 5 of 10, ENMU 5 of 15
ACU passing: Mitchell Gale, ACU 18 of 28 for 252 yards and 4 TDs; John David Baker, 1 of 1 for 9 yards
ACU rushing: Marcel Threat, 12 for 70 yards; Charcandrick West, 8 for 32 yards; Cade Stone, 2 for 19; Travis Tarver, 3 for 14 yards; and Darrell Cantu-Harkless, 1 for 10
ACU receiving: Taylor Gabriel, 8 for 112 yards; Darrell Cantu-Harkless, 4 for 80 yards and 1 TD; Darian Hogg, 2 for 26 yards and 2 TDs; Charcandrick West, 1 for 17 yards; Elton Crochran, 1 for 11 yards; Drew Peters, 1 for 9 yards; and DeMarcus Thompson, 1 for 6 yards
ACU tackles: Thor Woerner, 12; Mike Wallace, 11 and 1 INT; and Jesse Harper, 11

End of Q3: ACU 52, ENMU 10

Charcandrick West scored on a 17-yard pass from Mitchell Gale on ACU's opening drive of the second half, upping ACU's lead to 38-10 with 11:23 left. Morgan Lineberry's PAT was good.

Wildcat defensive lineman Melvin Shead intercepted a Wesley Wood pass at the ENMU 7-yard line and returned it for a TD with 4:15 remaining. Lineberry's PAT made the new score 45-10.

ACU scored for the third time this quarter, Darian Hogg catching an 8-yard pass from Gale in the right corner of he end zone with 14 seconds left. Lineberry's PAT upped the Wildcat lead to 52-10.

End of Q2: ACU 31, ENMU 10

The Wildcats increased their lead to 21-7, completing a 12-play, 99-yard drive spanning the end of the first and beginning of the second. Mitchell Gale's 12-yard pass to Darian Hogg padded ACU's lead at the 12:30 mark.

Freshman cornerback Tyler Chapman intercepted a Wesley Wood pass on ENMU's next drive, giving the ball back to ACU. The Wildcats converted the turnover into more points when Morgan Lineberry kicked a 29-yard field goal with 6:14 left.

Linebacker Mike Wallace intercepted a pass from Wesley Wood and raced 49 yards for a Wildcat TD with 3:59 left. Lineberry's PAT was good, and ACU's lead grew to 31-7.

ENMU placekicker Dylan Baca booted a 30-yard field goal with three seconds left to cut the ACU margin to 31-10.

First downs: ACU 15, ENMU 13
Rushing: ENMU 28 for 167 yards, ACU 17 for 66 yards
Passing: ACU 13 of 21 for 176 yards and 2 TDs, ENMU 5 of 13 for 53 yards and 2 INTs
Total yards: ACU 242, ENMU 220
Penalties: ENMU 6 for 53 yards, ACU 5 for 40 yards
Time of possession: ENMU 16:00, ACU 14:00
Third-down conversions: ACU 4 of 7, ENMU 3 of 8
ACU passing: Mitchell Gale, ACU 13 of 21 for 176 yards and 2 TDs
ACU rushing: Marcel Threat, 6 for 33 yards; Charcandrick West, 5 for 23 yards; Darrell Cantu-Harkless, 1 for 10; and Mitchell Gale, 4 for 1 yard
ACU receiving: Taylor Gabriel, 6 or 79 yards; Darrell Cantu-Harless, 3 for 62 yards and 1 TD; Darian Hogg, 2 for 18 yards and 1 TD; and Elton Crochran, 1 for 11 yards
ACU tackles: L.B. Suggs, 6; Mike Wallace, 6; Jesse Harper, 6; and Thor Woerner, 6

End of Q1: ACU 14, ENMU 7

Cade Stone returned the opening kickoff 92 yards for a touchdown, and Morgan Lineberry's successful PAT gave the Wildcats about as early a 7-0 lead as possible. Consumed time: 12 seconds.

DeMarcus Johnson fumbled the Greyhoundss' opening-drive punt and ENMU took over at the Wildcat 6-yard line. Three plays later, quarterback Wesley Wood ran 4 yards for a TD at the 11:13 mark. A PAT by Dylan Baca was good, tying the score at 7-7.

Mitchell Gale threw a 39-yard TD pass to Darrell Cantu-Harkless with 3:51 left in the quarter. The speedy back broke out of an attempted tackle at the Greyhound 20-yard line and scampered into the end zone. Lineberry's PAT was good, making the new score 14-7 in favor of ACU.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Final: Angelo State 28, ACU 21

On the second play of the fourth quarter, Gale threw a 33-yard TD pass to Elton Crochran, pulling ACU to 21-6 with 14:48 left.

Angelo State's next possession was successful, with Hamblin tossing a 13-yard scoring pass to Joey Knight with 9:11 remaining.

ACU answered back when Gale found a wide open Taylor Gabriel in the end zone for a 13-yard TD at the 7:55 mark, making the new score 28-23.

First downs: Angelo State 28, ACU 23
Rushing: Angelo State 37 for 135 yards, ACU 19 for 9 yards
Passing: Angelo State 33 of 48 for 274 yards, ACU 17 of 43 for 308 yards
Total yards: Angelo State 409, ACU 317
Penalties: Angelo State 14 for 152 yards, ACU 8 for 75 yards
Time of possession: Angelo State 39:52, ACU 20:08
Third-down conversions: Angelo State 8 of 18, ACU 1 of 12
ACU passing: Mitchell Gale, 17 of 43 for 308 yards, 1 INT and 1 TD
ACU rushing: Taylor Gabriel, 1 for 22 yards; Travis Tarver, 5 for 11 yards; and Darrell Cantu-Harkless, 3 for -8 yards
ACU receiving: Demarcus Thompson, 5 for 131 yards; Darrell Cantu-Harkless, 5 for 69 yards; and Taylor Gabriel, 4 for 63 yards
ACU tackles: Justin Sephens 13; L.B. Suggs, 11; Mike Wallace, 8 and 1 sack; and Thor Woerner, 8

Saturday, September 22, 2012

End of Q3: Angelo State 21, ACU 9

Angelo State pushed its lead to 21-9 with 1:50 left in the third quarter when Blake Hamblin rolled around the left end untouched for a TD.

End of Q2: Angelo State 14, ACU 9

An 8-yard run around left end by Donavan Roberts scored Angelo State’s second touchdown of the first half with 4:14 left. Jarred Martin's successful PAT put the Rams on top, 14-9.

Gale was sacked seven times in the first half.

First downs: Angelo State 12, ACU 9
Rushing: Angelo State 16 for 88 yards, ACU 12 for 4 yards
Passing: ACU 9 of 25 for 162 yards, Angelo State 14 of 21 for 120 yards
Total yards: ACU 208, Angelo State 166
Penalties: Angelo State 7 for 69 yards, ACU 4 for 20 yards
Time of possession: Angelo State 17:28, ACU 12:32
Third-down conversions: Angelo State 2 of 7, ACU 1 of 9
ACU passing: Mitchell Gale, 9 of 25 for 162 yards
ACU rushing: Taylor Gabriel, 1 for 22 yards; Travis Tarver, 3 for 6 yards
ACU receiving: Demarcus Thompson, 3 for 99 yards; Darrell Cantu-Harkless, 3 for 21 yards; Taylor Gabriel, 2 for 42 yards
ACU tackles: Justin Sephens 6; L.B. Suggs, 5; Steven Ford, 5; and Angel Lopez, 4

End of Q1: ACU 9, Angelo State 7

ACU marched 78 yards in 1:44 to open the game, capping the drive when senior quarterback Mitchell Gale threw 33-yard touchdown pass to sophomore wide receiver Demarcus Thompson. Morgan Lineberry's PAT missed, leaving the Wildcats on top, 6-0, with 13:16 left.

Thompson was right back at it at the end of the Rams' first drive, blocking a punt by Joseph Pickett. Jaime Walker recovered the ball for ACU. Four plays later, Lineberry put the Wildcats further ahead, 9-0, with a 32-yard field goal with 9:21 remaining.

A 36-yard run by ASU's Dakarai Pecikonis put the Rams in Wildcat territory on their next drive, with quarterback Blake Hamblin scoring on 1-yard run with 6:22 left. Jarred Martin's successful PAT narrowed the ACU lead to 9-7.

With 1:52 left, Thompson caught a 57-yard pass from Gale, but fumbled the ball back to the Rams, setting them up at their 29-yard line. The quarter expired with the Rams at midfield.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Final: ACU 34, Tarleton State 31

Morgan Lineberry kicked a 30-yard field goal with 12 minutes left, adding to ACU's lead, 27-20.

TSU answered with another Blake Barnes field goal, this one a 25-yarder at the 9:35 mark, cutting the Wildcat lead to 27-23.

Taylor Gabriel caught a pass from Gale and juked his way 16 yards to the end zone, diving in for his second TD of the game with 3:12 left. Lineberry's kick put ACU up 34-23.

Tarleton bounced back with a 1-yard run by Aaron Doyle with 1:02 remaining, and the two-point conversion (a pass from Doyle to Will McLane) pulled TSU to within three, 34-31.

ACU recovered an onside kick and ran out the clock for the win.

First downs: Tarleton 30, ACU 21
Rushing: Tarleton 30 for 179 yards, ACU 28 for 55 yards
Passing: Tarleton 39 of 52 for 377 yards, 1 INT and 2 TDs, ACU 27 of 42 for 279 yards and 2 TDs
Total yards: Tarleton 556, ACU 334
Penalties: Tarleton 11 for 110 yards, ACU 7 for 50 yards
Time of possession: Tarleton 28:09, ACU 31:51
Third-down conversions: Tarleton 9 of 16, ACU 7 of 15
ACU passing: Mitchell Gale, 27 of 42 for 279 yards and 2 TDs
ACU rushing: Mitchell Gale, 11 for 18 yards; Charcandrick West 3 for 10 yards; Travis Tarver, 6 for 29 yards, Marcel Threat, 2 for 6 yards
ACU receiving: Darian Hogg, 8 for 67 yards; Taylor Gabriel, 5 or 50 yards; Demarcus Thompson, 4 for 57 yards; Travis Tarver, 4 for 56; Darrell Cantu-Harkless, 3 for 21 yards; Elton Crochran, 2 for 21 yards; and Marcel Threat, 1 for 7 yards
ACU tackles: L.B. Suggs, 11; Angel Lopez 10; Thor Woerner, 10 and 1 INT; Justin Stephens, 10; and Caleb Withrow, 8

End of Q3: ACU 24, Tarleton State 20

ACU freshman Travis Tarver ran untouched around right end for a 7-yard TD and Morgan Lineberry's successful PAT pulled the Wildcats to within three, 20-17 with 8:29 remaining in the third quarter.

The Wildcats regained the lead with 4:03 remaining when Taylor Gabriel dove to catch a 6-yard TD pass from Mitchell Gale. Lineberry's PAT made the new score 24-20 in favor of ACU. The opportunity was set up by Gabriel's 51-yard punt return deep into Texan territory.

End of Q2: Tarleton State 20, ACU 10

Tarleton scored on its third consecutive drive of the game when Blake Barnes booted a 28-yard field goal on its first possession of the second quarter, making the new score 17-7 with 12:17 remaining in the half.

Barnes added a 41-yard field goal on TSU's next possession, upping the Texans' lead to 20-7.

ACU's Morgan Lineberry put ACU back on the board with a 27-yard field goal with 1:53 remaining in the half, cutting the Tarleton lead to 20-10.

First downs: Tarleton 22, ACU 8
Rushing: Tarleton 18 for 103 yards, ACU 10 for 25 yards
Passing: Tarleton 24 of 33 for 224 yards and 2 TDs, ACU 12 of 22 for 122 yards
Total yards: Tarleton 327, ACU 147
Penalties: Tarleton 3 for 30 yards, ACU 5 for 30 yards
Time of possession: Tarleton 16:09, ACU 13:51
Third-down conversions: Tarleton 7 of 10, ACU 2 of 7
ACU passing: Mitchell Gale, 12 of 22 for 122 yards
ACU rushing: Mitchell Gale, 3 for 13 yards; Charcandrick West 3 for 10 yards; Travis Tarver, 1 for 4 yards
ACU receiving: Darian Hogg, 3 for 29 yards; Demarcus Thompson, 3 for 23 yards, ; Taylor Gabriel, 2 or 23 yards; and Darrell Cantu-Harkless, 2 for 13 yards
ACU tackles: Thor Woerner, 6 and 1 INT; Justin Stephens, L.B. Suggs and Angel Lopez, 6 each