Saturday, September 22, 2012

End of Q3: Angelo State 21, ACU 9

Angelo State pushed its lead to 21-9 with 1:50 left in the third quarter when Blake Hamblin rolled around the left end untouched for a TD.

End of Q2: Angelo State 14, ACU 9

An 8-yard run around left end by Donavan Roberts scored Angelo State’s second touchdown of the first half with 4:14 left. Jarred Martin's successful PAT put the Rams on top, 14-9.

Gale was sacked seven times in the first half.

First downs: Angelo State 12, ACU 9
Rushing: Angelo State 16 for 88 yards, ACU 12 for 4 yards
Passing: ACU 9 of 25 for 162 yards, Angelo State 14 of 21 for 120 yards
Total yards: ACU 208, Angelo State 166
Penalties: Angelo State 7 for 69 yards, ACU 4 for 20 yards
Time of possession: Angelo State 17:28, ACU 12:32
Third-down conversions: Angelo State 2 of 7, ACU 1 of 9
ACU passing: Mitchell Gale, 9 of 25 for 162 yards
ACU rushing: Taylor Gabriel, 1 for 22 yards; Travis Tarver, 3 for 6 yards
ACU receiving: Demarcus Thompson, 3 for 99 yards; Darrell Cantu-Harkless, 3 for 21 yards; Taylor Gabriel, 2 for 42 yards
ACU tackles: Justin Sephens 6; L.B. Suggs, 5; Steven Ford, 5; and Angel Lopez, 4

End of Q1: ACU 9, Angelo State 7

ACU marched 78 yards in 1:44 to open the game, capping the drive when senior quarterback Mitchell Gale threw 33-yard touchdown pass to sophomore wide receiver Demarcus Thompson. Morgan Lineberry's PAT missed, leaving the Wildcats on top, 6-0, with 13:16 left.

Thompson was right back at it at the end of the Rams' first drive, blocking a punt by Joseph Pickett. Jaime Walker recovered the ball for ACU. Four plays later, Lineberry put the Wildcats further ahead, 9-0, with a 32-yard field goal with 9:21 remaining.

A 36-yard run by ASU's Dakarai Pecikonis put the Rams in Wildcat territory on their next drive, with quarterback Blake Hamblin scoring on 1-yard run with 6:22 left. Jarred Martin's successful PAT narrowed the ACU lead to 9-7.

With 1:52 left, Thompson caught a 57-yard pass from Gale, but fumbled the ball back to the Rams, setting them up at their 29-yard line. The quarter expired with the Rams at midfield.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Final: ACU 34, Tarleton State 31

Morgan Lineberry kicked a 30-yard field goal with 12 minutes left, adding to ACU's lead, 27-20.

TSU answered with another Blake Barnes field goal, this one a 25-yarder at the 9:35 mark, cutting the Wildcat lead to 27-23.

Taylor Gabriel caught a pass from Gale and juked his way 16 yards to the end zone, diving in for his second TD of the game with 3:12 left. Lineberry's kick put ACU up 34-23.

Tarleton bounced back with a 1-yard run by Aaron Doyle with 1:02 remaining, and the two-point conversion (a pass from Doyle to Will McLane) pulled TSU to within three, 34-31.

ACU recovered an onside kick and ran out the clock for the win.

First downs: Tarleton 30, ACU 21
Rushing: Tarleton 30 for 179 yards, ACU 28 for 55 yards
Passing: Tarleton 39 of 52 for 377 yards, 1 INT and 2 TDs, ACU 27 of 42 for 279 yards and 2 TDs
Total yards: Tarleton 556, ACU 334
Penalties: Tarleton 11 for 110 yards, ACU 7 for 50 yards
Time of possession: Tarleton 28:09, ACU 31:51
Third-down conversions: Tarleton 9 of 16, ACU 7 of 15
ACU passing: Mitchell Gale, 27 of 42 for 279 yards and 2 TDs
ACU rushing: Mitchell Gale, 11 for 18 yards; Charcandrick West 3 for 10 yards; Travis Tarver, 6 for 29 yards, Marcel Threat, 2 for 6 yards
ACU receiving: Darian Hogg, 8 for 67 yards; Taylor Gabriel, 5 or 50 yards; Demarcus Thompson, 4 for 57 yards; Travis Tarver, 4 for 56; Darrell Cantu-Harkless, 3 for 21 yards; Elton Crochran, 2 for 21 yards; and Marcel Threat, 1 for 7 yards
ACU tackles: L.B. Suggs, 11; Angel Lopez 10; Thor Woerner, 10 and 1 INT; Justin Stephens, 10; and Caleb Withrow, 8

End of Q3: ACU 24, Tarleton State 20

ACU freshman Travis Tarver ran untouched around right end for a 7-yard TD and Morgan Lineberry's successful PAT pulled the Wildcats to within three, 20-17 with 8:29 remaining in the third quarter.

The Wildcats regained the lead with 4:03 remaining when Taylor Gabriel dove to catch a 6-yard TD pass from Mitchell Gale. Lineberry's PAT made the new score 24-20 in favor of ACU. The opportunity was set up by Gabriel's 51-yard punt return deep into Texan territory.

End of Q2: Tarleton State 20, ACU 10

Tarleton scored on its third consecutive drive of the game when Blake Barnes booted a 28-yard field goal on its first possession of the second quarter, making the new score 17-7 with 12:17 remaining in the half.

Barnes added a 41-yard field goal on TSU's next possession, upping the Texans' lead to 20-7.

ACU's Morgan Lineberry put ACU back on the board with a 27-yard field goal with 1:53 remaining in the half, cutting the Tarleton lead to 20-10.

First downs: Tarleton 22, ACU 8
Rushing: Tarleton 18 for 103 yards, ACU 10 for 25 yards
Passing: Tarleton 24 of 33 for 224 yards and 2 TDs, ACU 12 of 22 for 122 yards
Total yards: Tarleton 327, ACU 147
Penalties: Tarleton 3 for 30 yards, ACU 5 for 30 yards
Time of possession: Tarleton 16:09, ACU 13:51
Third-down conversions: Tarleton 7 of 10, ACU 2 of 7
ACU passing: Mitchell Gale, 12 of 22 for 122 yards
ACU rushing: Mitchell Gale, 3 for 13 yards; Charcandrick West 3 for 10 yards; Travis Tarver, 1 for 4 yards
ACU receiving: Darian Hogg, 3 for 29 yards; Demarcus Thompson, 3 for 23 yards, ; Taylor Gabriel, 2 or 23 yards; and Darrell Cantu-Harkless, 2 for 13 yards
ACU tackles: Thor Woerner, 6 and 1 INT; Justin Stephens, L.B. Suggs and Angel Lopez, 6 each

End of Q1: Tarleton State 14, ACU 7

Tarleton's game-opening drive went nowhere, and the Wildcats took over at midfield.

After a short drive that started at midfield, the Wildcats gambled on fourth and 2 from the 4-yard line and made a first down without reaching the end zone. Two plays later, Charcandrick West scored on a 1-yard run and Morgan Lineberry's successful PAT put ACU on top, 7-0 with 8:38 left.

Tarleton moved crisply downfield and got on the board when Jerome Regal caught a 16-yard pass from quarterback Aaron Doyle and scored with 5:26 remaining. Blake Barnes' PAT was good, pulling the Texans even at 7-7.

The Texans scored on their next possession when Vaughn Smith caught a 10-yard pass from Doyle and the PAT made the new score 14-7 with :27 seconds left.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Final: A&M-Kingsville 16, ACU 13

Stoll kicked his third field goal of the game with 14:57 left in the fourth quarter, a 31-yarder that gave his team a 16-6 lead.

On the first play of the ensuing drive, Darrell Cantu-Harkless ran 65 yards for a Wildcat TD, and Lineberry's successful PAT pulled ACU to within three points, 16-13, with 14:45 left.

The Javelinas drove to the Wildcat 12-yard line on their next drive, but a penalty pushed them back to the 22, where Stoll missed a 39-yard field goal.

ACU missed a scoring opportunity on its next drive when Lineberry's 51-yard field goal attempt was short with 7:05 left.

End of Q3: A&M-Kingsville 13, ACU 6

After a long (16-play, nearly eight-minute) drive to open the quarter, Kingsville added to its lead when Stoll kicked a 29-yard field goal with 7:06 left, making its new lead 13-6.

End of Q2: ACU 6, A&M-Kingsville 10

Kingsville answered ACU’s scoring drive with one of its own on its next possession, the first of the second quarter, when quarterback Poppell threw a 22-yard TD pass to wide receiver Robert Armstrong with 9:31 remaining. Matt Stoll’s successful PAT made the new score 7-6 in favor of the Javelinas.

After a defensive struggle for most of the quarter, Kingsville padded its lead to 10-6 when Stoll kicked a 35-yard field goal with 1:09 remaining.

First downs: Kingsville 11, ACU 6
Rushing: ACU 15 for 23 yards, Kingsville 16 for 24 yards
Passing: ACU 7 of 16 for 85 yards and 1 INT, Kingsville 19 of 28 for 207 yards and 1 TD
Total yards: Kingsville 232, ACU 108
Penalties: Kingsville 6 for 45 yards, ACU 2 for 25 yards
Time of possession: Kingsville 16:08, ACU 13:52
Third-down conversions: Kingsville 6 of 11, ACU 2 of 8
ACU passing: Mitchell Gale, 7 of 16 for 85 yards and 1 INT
ACU rushing: Travis Tarver, 12 for 21 yards, Taylor Gabriel, 1 for 7 yards and 1 TD
ACU receiving: Taylor Gabriel, 2 for 23 yards; Dmarcus Thompson, 2 for 21 yards, Darrell Cantu-Harkless, 1 for 20 yards; Jonathan Parker, 1 for 16 yards
ACU tackles: Justin Stephens 8, L.B. Suggs 6, Nick Richardson 3, Justin Stewart 3

End of Q1: ACU 6, A&M-Kingsville 0

ACU’s first drive of the game ended when Javelina defensive back Quincy Williams intercepted a tipped Mitchell Gale pass, taking over on the Kingsville 24-yard line with 12 minutes remaining.

Kingsville’s first drive ended in a turnover when quarterback Nate Poppell was hit by fumbled at the 8:33 mark, and the ball was recovered by cornerback L.B. Suggs on the ACU 28-yard line.

Javelina punter Angel Millan muffed a kick with 2:21 left in the quarter, the ball only traveling 10 yards to the Kingsville 43-yard line.

As time expired in the quarter, wide receiver Taylor Gabriel scored on a 7-yard end-around run. Morgan Lineberry's PAT missed, leaving ACU's lead at 6-0.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Final: ACU 51, McMurry 0

John David Baker took over for Mitchell Gale at quarterback at the start of the final quarter. Gale's night ended after completing 19 of 28 passes for 290 yards and 1 TD.

ACU's string of seven straight scoring drives ended on its first drive of the quarter.

The Wildcats got the ball back when defensive back Angel Lopez intercepted a Jake McMullin pass at the McMurry 49 and returned it to the 35 with 10:39 remaining.

Marcel Threat scored his second TD of the night when he ran 12 yards to the end zone. Lineberry's sixth PAT of the night put ACU up 51-0 with 8:44 left.

End of Q3: ACU 44, McMurry 0

McMurry turned the ball over on downs on its first drive of the third quarter. ACU responded with its fourth-straight scoring drive, capped by Morgan Lineberry’s 25-yard field goal that increased the Wildcats’s lead to 24-0 with 8:30 left.

Two plays after McMurry turned the ball over on downs at its own 10-yard line, wide receiver Taylor Gabriel ran 7 yards around right end for a TD. Lineberry's successful PAT made the new score 31-0 with 6:42 remaining.

McMurry gave the ball back to ACU on downs at its own 45-yard line with 4:29 left. ACU turned it into more points when sophomore transfer Marcel Threat ran 12 yards for a TD at the 1:55 mark. Lineberry's PAT failed, leaving the Wildcats up 37-0.

The Warhawks turned the ball over on downs again at its own 27 with 1:07 remaining. Two plays later, Travis Tarver II scored his second TD of the game, running 5 yards up the middle. Lineberry's PAT was good, and ACU led 44-0 with 35 seconds on the clock.

End of Q2: ACU 21, McMurry 0

ACU’s offense came to life on the first drive of the second quarter, but quarterbackMitchell Gale's pass was intercepted in the end zone by McMurry defensive back Ryan Williams with 12:20 left in the quarter.

McMurry's fourth drive of the game ended when defensive lineman Nick Finney recovered a fumble by  Chris Simpson at the ACU 19-yard-line.

Gale drove ACU to its first score on the ensuing drive, with Charcandrick West scampering in from 13 yards out for the touchdown. Morgan Lineberry's PAT was good, giving the Wildcats a 7- 0 lead with 7:20 left.

ACU stayed on the ground for its second score, with redshirt freshman Travis Tarver II diving 2 yards for TD with 2:30 left. Lineberry's PAT made the new score 14-0.

The Wildcats scored again with 48 seconds left when Gale threw a 9-yard pass to wide receiver Taylor Gabriel. Lineberry upped ACU's lead to 21-0 with the successful PAT.

McMurry’s Josh King missed a 44-yard field goal with 1 second left.

At the half, ACU led in first downs (16 to 12), total yards (271 to 197), passing yards (197 to 185), rushing yards (74 to 12) and time of possession (15:58 to 14:02). The ACU defense sacked Jake McMullin four times, three of them by defensive end Nick Richardson. Gale was 14 of 20 for 197 passing yards and 1 TD. ACU's leading rusher was West with 38 yards.

End of Q1: ACU 0, McMurry 0

ACU sniffed out a fake field goal on McMurry's first drive, defending a pass attempt by Courte Gilbert, intended for Joshua Chatman at the Wildcat 14-yard-line.

McMurry's second drive ended on its own 42-yard-line when quarterback Jake Mullin's fourth-and-1 pass was tipped and fell incomplete.

The Warhawks' third drive ended when Mullin suffered his third sack of the quarter, on the last play of the quarter, setting up a fourth-and-36 for McMurry.

All three of ACU’s drives ended in punts.