Saturday, August 30, 2008

Countdown to kickoff ...

As the popular ESPN Radio personality Colin Cowherd says, “There are two seasons in sports: Football Season, and waiting for football season." Well, ACU Wildcat fans who share the same sentiment, the wait is only minutes away for the “waiting” season to end.

Talking to Lance, last year he felt the Wildcats were lethargic in warm ups before a 27-17 loss to Central Oklahoma to open the 2007 season. About 30 minutes ago, there was more intensity and enthusiasm to warm ups to begin the 2008 season.

The Northwest Missouri State band’s drum corp has been playing nonstop since the 45-minute mark on the clock. A sea of green is pouring into the stadium here at Maryville, Mo. on both sides of the 6,500-seat Bearcat Stadium. There is a small section of purple and white on the visitor’s side extending from the 15-yard line to the 5-yard line.

Maryville can be compared to a much smaller version of Green Bay, Wisc. The town is behind its Bearcats. From the checkout counter at the hotel this morning, to Walmart and a local Applebees, NWMSU and Bearcat green bore most of the locals’ chests.

Abilene Christian (ranked No. 8) is wearing white-on-white with the traditional purple helmets. NW Missouri State is green-on-green. As I close this post, Grant Boone and Lance Fleming have just begun the radio broadcast on 1470 AM locally in Abilene and there is 17:49 left until kickoff.

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