Monday, May 3, 2010

Natural light

Now this is more like it. The sun is coming out. ACU coach Britt Bonneau just yelled across the field to his players, "Let's pull it!" and they did. The infield tarp is rolled up, and hopefully the mound and plate coverings won't be far behind.

We should have baseball soon.

ACU, by the by, will be the visiting team for this tournament game - despite being both the top seed and playing in the friendly confines of Crutcher Scott Field - by dint of a coin flip. The conference wants each team playing at least one game as home and one as visitor. Both ACU and Cameron have been home and away in their first two games, so they flipped. ACU will be in their road purple jerseys with gray pants and black hats.

(I'm wearing a lovely checked-purple open collar shirt with flat-front khakis and black loafers. My road uni.)

I'll be doing play-by-play of the LSC's video broadcast here. (Scroll down to "Monday, May 3, G7" and "Watch live.") Lance Fleming will have the radio call locally in Abilene on Classic Country 1280 AM.

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