Thursday, November 18, 2010

ACU 2, TSU 0

Wildcats came back after an ace from Neely Borger tied the second set at 9. It was followed by a nice touch kill from IJ Moronu to the back from giving ACU their first lead of the second set 10-9. Borger has been solid for the Wildcats working both sidelines as a second kill cross court give the Wildcats a 15-10 lead.

TSU tried to battle back but a nice touch kill from Jennie Hutt extended the ACU lead back 19-15. However the Wildcats went on a 7-3 run closing out the set 25-17.

Good to see ACU go for the kill, no pun intended, keeping the Lady Bulldogs down as they tried to get back into the match. ACU leads 2-0 after taking set two.

Still very noticeable the intensity level on the court with both teams. It’s definitely playoff time!

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