Saturday, September 26, 2009

ACU Drive No. 21

Time to run the clock down via a running game with which the Greyhounds are just not familiar. RB Reggie Brown rushes up the middle for 1 to the 26 of ACU. ENMU calls timeout. ENMU has 304 yards passing and -1 rushing in the game, true to its 2009 form, but far short of its 600 yards of offense average thus far. ENMU is called for being offsides, ball moves 5 yards to the 31. On second down, Brown rushes up the middle for a gain of 3, and the clock continues to roll.  On third and 1, Brown bulls up the middle for a first down at the 40. ACU lets the play clock run down to 1 second, and the game clock to 2:04, then calls a time out. Daryl Richardson takes over as RB on the drive, and runs for a gain of 5 to the 45. ENMU calls timeout with 1:58 left in Q4. Richardson runs up the middle, breaks out of the pack, and is gone down the right sideline. He delivers a forearm shiver to an attempted defender near the 25, reverses field and is finally tackled at the ENMU 3, a gain of 52. Injury timeout for a tired Greyhound with 1:31 left. At the ENMU 3, ACU takes a knee rather than running up the score, and the clock winds down. Final score: ACU 44, ENMU 33, the Wildcats' 15th-straight regular-season victory. They are now 5-0 on the season.

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