Saturday, September 26, 2009

ENMU Drive No. 18

Kick fielded at the 2, and returned to the ENMU 46; a great return. 5:25 left in Q4. Timeout on the field as the down marker has a mechanical problem (it doesn't have THAT many moveable parts, folks). Harp pass over the middle is complete to the ACU 39 and a first down. Harp is almost sacked, throws the ball away. Intentional grounding called on ENMU, and illegal substitution on ACU; penalties offset and here we go again. Pass by Harp is to no one in particular down the right sideline. Fans are screaming for holding penalty to be called. Harp pass in right flat is almost intercepted again. ACU flagged for pass interference and the ball moves to the 32. On first down, Harp pass is complete to Jesse Poku at the 30. Harp is sacked by Fred Thompson for a loss of 3.  On third down, Harp passes complete to Dominic Preston at the 25. On fourth down, the crowd roars, and Harp pass is broken up by Craig Harris.  ACU takes over on downs with 3:27 left in Q4, leading 44-33.

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Vickie said...

"It doesn't have THAT many movable parts"--classic.