Saturday, April 3, 2010

Final Four Practice Day 1

So first day in San Antonio and today was an open practice for the four schools. No, there wasn't as many fans show up for the girls' practices as their were in Indy; however, UConn and Baylor did out-number the other schools.

First observations: Mya Moore is crazy good! Moore was honored inbetween the four schools practices as only the third two-time recipient of the Wade National Player of the Year Trophy. (The Wade Trophy is named for the late Delta State head coach Lily Wade)

Also Baylor freshmen Brittany Griner=craziest female player I have ever seen! During two-line layups she dunked every layup. She should give undefeated 78-straight win UConn all they can handle! Oh, and did I mention she's only a freshmen?

Finally during my time hanging out on press row I got the chance to meet a few important individuals who work for the NCAA. In that group we talked a little bit about the expansion of the men's tournament. After our discussion we both decided that neither one of us knew what would happen, but we both agreed that it would be good for the game. An interesting stat he brought to my attention: Most every other sport has just around 25-40 percent of teams in Division I make a bowl game or postseason tournament. Basketball only has 18% of teams in the postseason.

With all that, can't wait for tomorrow. UConn vs. Baylor and Stanford vs. Oklahoma. Should be some good games.

Only picture of the day: the Stanford Cardinal "tree" dancing during their practice. Very Cool.

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