Monday, April 5, 2010

More from the Final Four

Monday on the women's side is a closed practice and interview day. So, today we sat through player and coach interviews for Stanford and UConn. My job assignment today was to sit in the individual player interview rooms as the five starters from each team were placed in individual breakout rooms. While we were in there the interviews were more informal and intimate as most of the reporters didn't sit in the seats, but rather gathered around the interview table. The two players I was assigned was Jayne Appel for Stanford and Mya Moore for UConn. It was neat to be that close and be able to just chat with the players in more of a conversational situation.

Tomorrow night the game will be on ESPN with the tip scheduled for 7:30. Most of us that are working are planning on getting together in a little bit to catch the men's game, so hope you all have enjoyed my reading a little inside with the NCAA Women's Final Four as I'll finish up tomorrow and post more once I get back to Abilene in a couple days.

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