Thursday, August 27, 2009

ACU's 2nd Series, 1st Quarter

Ball on the ACU 48.  Justin Johnson runs up the middle for 4 yards.  Johnson around left end for 2 more yards. Stewart pass complete to TE Ben Gibbs to the NW 33. Screen pass to Reggie Brown for 3 yards. Brown rushes for no gain.  Rush again for no gain, penalty on ACU for holding, repeat third down, ball on 39. Pass complete to Chris Fowler to the 35. ACU goes for it on 4th and 11, Stewart misses Gates near the goal line, pass just over his outstretched hands.  NWMo takes over on its 35.  I'm determining these yard lines and gains/losses on my own, and learning uniform numbers on a bunch of new offensive skill people, so bear with me.  First quarter, 5:39 left, ACU 2, NWMo 0.

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