Thursday, August 27, 2009

ACU's 4th Series of Q4

Ball on 43.  Rush up middle for 3 to 46 of ACU.  Richardson off tackle to right to NW 49.  Time out, ACU, with 2:15 left in Q4.  Can they keep the ball moving and run out the clock?  NW does that better than just about everybody.  We'll see if ACU has been paying attention.  3rd and 2 at the NW 49.  Reggie Brown stopped for no gain; 4th and 2 with 2:07 left.  Time out again.  ACU lines up in punt formation, punts to NW 8. Return to NW 15, but flag on late hit to ACU punter, who is down while trainers attend to him.  He's OK. First down for ACU at NW 34.  Huge turn of events, and uncharacteristic penalty for NW.  1:56 left in Q4.  Reggie Brown up the middle to NW 32.  Brown loses 2 on run off tackle to right.  Clock is running and NW can't stop it.  Tight formation, Stewart takes a knee and the seconds wind down as players congratulate each other.  Final score: ACU 19, NWMo 14.  

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