Thursday, August 27, 2009

On Jordan's Stormy Banks

Rain has pretty much ended but lightning is still in the area. A section of portable aluminum bleachers in the north end zone was picked up by the wind and blown down the embankment and onto the field, in the end zone.  A large number of students have ran onto the field to help move them - ACU's version of Texas A&M's 12th man.  The three large tents in the west parking lot are no more; fans tried to keep them from going airborne but eventally gave up the fight as rain arrived.  A real frog-floater, as say around these parts.  No report of any injuries; in fact, the pumped-up student crowd is having a great time, all things considered.  Photographer Gerald Ewing has some photos of the stormy scene shot from the safety of the press box, and we'll pass them along shortly, as well as images from the tailgate, in drier times.  Stay tuned for football sometime tonight.

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