Thursday, August 27, 2009

NWMo's 6th Series

ACU kickoff sails past end zone.  NW 1st down at their 20.   Council pushed out of bounds at NW 22.  Good pursuit by ACU defense.  QB scrambles to NW 28.  Third down and 2.  QB scrambles to NW 30 for a first down.  Pass over the middle to NW 34.  Pass complete over middle to NW 43, first down.  Nickel and dime pass plays.  Council rushes up middle to NW 49.  2nd and 4.  Pass complete in right flat to ACU 36, first down.  Pass incomplete out of bounds at ACU bench.  Pass complete in left flat to ACU 33.  ACU calls time out.  1:54 left in Q2.  ACU sacks QB Bolles for loss to ACU 40.  ACU calls time out again.  4th down and 14, 1:27 left in Q2.  NW punt downed at ACU 16, 1:16 left in Q2.

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