Thursday, August 27, 2009

ACU's Series

NW kicks off to ACU 5, return to 37 by Kendrick Johnson.  ACU first down.  Reggie Brown rushes to NW 49 for first down again.  Brown again to NW 42. Penalty on NW, personal foul, 15 yards to NW 28.  Brown rushes 3 to NW 25.  ACU takes a time out, :15 left in Q3.  Wind is dead calm.  Brown up the middle to 22.  End of Q3.  ACU 16, NW 14.  ACU driving to south end zone.  Harrell pass incomplete out of bounds near the goal line.  Penalty on NW, ball now on NW 11, ACU first down.  NW takes another time out.  Justin Johnson runs through big hole to NW 4.  Johnson tackled for loss back to 6 of NW.  Harrell calls time out.  Advertisers are loving all these time outs, I bet.  Pass to Richardson broken up.  4th down and FG attempt.  FG of 22 yards by Navarro is good.  ACU 19, NW 14 with 13:21 left in 4Q.

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