Saturday, October 31, 2009

ACU Drive No. 10

Daryl Richardson runs for a first down to the TAMK 20. Mitchell Gale's pass for WR Edmund Gates at the right sideline is short and incomplete. Reggie Brown runs off left tackle for his customary 5 yards, to the Javs' 14. Gale passes complete over the middle to WR Austin Kessler, good for a first down at the Kingsville 3. Brown runs up the middle, losing 1 to the 4. Brown runs up the middle, diving into the end zone for another Wildcat TD. Lineberry's PAT kick is good, and ACU leads 46-14. Did anyone see this one coming? The Wildcats are back, creating turnovers, moving the ball, scoring TDs, and dominating again. 0:56 left in Q3.

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