Saturday, October 31, 2009

TAMK Drive No. 9

ACU kickoff is returned to the TAMK 15. Billy Garza's pass on the right sideline is complete to the Javs' 39, good for a first down. RB Connell Davis runs off right tackle to the 44. ACU is flagged for a personal foul, and the Javs have a first down at the 41 of ACU. Garza somehow avoids being sacked, completing a shovel pass to Connell Davis, who loses 5 yards to the  46. Garza passes complete to E.J. LeBlanc, good for a first down at teh ACU 41. Garz passes complete on the right pass to LeBlanc on the right sideline or a first down at the 25, and ACU also is flagged for a personal foul, moving the ball to the Wildcat 12. Garza passes over the head of WR Sherman Batiste in the right corner of the end zone. RB Connell Davis is greeted rudely at the line of scrimmage, gaining 1 to the 11. Garza's pass in the end zone is broken up by Richard Havins. ACU is flagged for pass interference and TAMK is flagged for holding; offsetting penalties. Garza passes complete to Connell, who takes the ball down to the ACU 1, a gain of 10 and a first down. Connell finds heavy traffic up the middle, gaining no yardage. The Javs' are flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct, which moves the ball back to the ACU 16, where it is 2nd down. Garza passes complete to LeBlanc at the 9, where it is now third down. Garza passes complete to Sherman Batiste in the end zone, but the Javs' are flagged for a personal foul, which negates the TD and moves the ball to the ACU 24. Pinball football, this is. Garza passes to Batiste, but DB Josh Wise is flagged for interference. So the ball moves to the ACU 9. Connell takes the handoff, but loses 1 to the 10. Garza passes complete to Batiste in the end zone for a TD. PAT by Christian Brom is good, cutting ACU's lead to 47-21 with 11:05 left in Q4.

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