Saturday, October 31, 2009

ACU Drive No. 11

TAMK kickoff is fielded by Dennis Campbell and returned to the ACU 26. RB Reggie Brown runs up the middle for 2 to the 28. The Javs are losing their composure; flagged again, this time for offsides. Brown runs off right tackle to the 34, bringing up third and 2. Brown gains a first down, running off right tackle to the ACU 39, a gain of 5. Brown runs up the right side again, again for a first down at midfield, giving him 108 yards rushing on the day. Gale passes complete to RB Emery Dudensing, gaining 10 yards and another first down at the 40 of TAMK. Brown runs off right tackle for no gain. Brown runs off left tackle to the Kingsville 36. On 3rd and 6, Gale passes just short of his receiver in the end zone, Reggie Brown, who had slipped past defenders and was wide open. On fourth down, ACU is called for a delay of game so the ball could move 5 yards back and give Mark Sprague more room to punt. However, his punt is blocked and recovered by the Javs at the ACU 41 with 6:35 left in Q4.

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