Saturday, October 24, 2009

ACU Drive No. 2

ACU is driving north on the field, and the sun, which faces the pressbox, has thankfully gone behind a cloud. Mitchell Gale's pass is complete to WR Kendrick Johnson for a first down at the ACU 40. Gale is sacked back at the 35. On 2nd and 15, Richardson gets the handoff but ACU is flagged for delay of game, moving the ball back to the 30. On 2nd and 20, Gale's pass to Edmund Gates sails over his head at the left sideline. On third and 20, Gale passes complete to Johnson who scrambles deftly to the TSU 44 for a first down. Gale passes complete to a wide-open Johnson again, over the middle, for another first down at the TSU 22. Gale avoids a sack and scrambles up the middle to the 26. TSU is blitzhing heavily.  Gale scrambles left and hits WR Raymond Radway on a pretty play, bringing up first down at the TSU 9. Richardson runs behind two FBs – Emery Dudensing and Justin Thompson – for no gain, but ACU is flagged for holding and TSU is flagged for being offsides, so no harm (other than TSU getting its third penalty of the first quarter). First and 9 at the 9. Out of the Wildcat formation, Johnson runs up the middle for no gain. Under heavy pressure, Gale passes short of Richardson, bringing up third and goal from the 9. Gale's pass at the goall ine is tipped and intercepted, and returned to the TSU 18.  The Texans take over with 5:03 left in Q1.

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