Saturday, October 31, 2009

TAMK Drive No. 4

ACU kickoff is fielded in the end zone by Jonathan Woodson and returned to the 14. Garza's risky pass over the middle is caught for a gain of 3 to the 17. RB Fred Winborn runs around left end for 5 to the 22. On 3rd down, Winborn gains first-down yardage on some hard running, finally tackled at the 31 after a gain of 9. Garza's pass is knocked down by Aston Whiteside, and falls incomplete. Garza passes complete to Winborn, who gains 5 to the 36, bringing up 3rd and 5. Garza passes complete to Winborn, gaining 6 and a first down at the 32. Garza scambles, gaining 9 at the ACU 49. A screen pass to LeBlanc gains a first down at the ACU 44. Garza's pass to LeBlanc is broken up and nearly intercepted. Winborn escapes one tackle but is thrown for a loss of 6 at midfield by LB Arthur Johnson. The Javs call their third timeout of the first half. On third down and with 0:33 left in the first half, Garza's pass on the right sideline is dropped by WR Sherman Batiste; would have been a first down. The Javs' punt is downed at the Wildcat 2 with 0:17 left in the first half.

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