Saturday, October 31, 2009

ACU Drive No. 3

TAMK kickoff is fielded by Dennis Campbell in the end zone and returned to the ACU 24. Gale's pass to WR Edmund Gates in the left flat is caught and advanced to the 27. Gale's pass to FB Justin Andrews finds first-down yardage to the 36, a gain of 9. Reggie Brown finds no room to run up the middle, reverses his field, gets an awesome block from Gale, and rumbles to the Kingsville 24. Gates takes the end-around handoff and gains 4 to the 20. Gale's pass to Gates is knocked down at the line of scrimmage, bringing up third and 6. Brown runs up the middle for a first down at the 11, a gain of 9. Brown pinballs up the middle, gaining 6 to the 5. Gale hands off to Brown, who loses 1 yard to the 6. Gale's pass to TE Ben Gibbs in the corner of the end zone is too tall for him. On fourth down, Morgan Lineberry's 23-yard field goal attempt is good, giving ACU the lead, 10-7, with 0:10 left in Q1.

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