Saturday, October 10, 2009

ACU Drive No. 10

Mitchell Gale passes complete to WR Terrell Woodall on the right sideline for a first down at the Ram 25. RB Reggie Brown takes the handoff and loses a yard on the carry up the middle. RB Daryl Richardson catches a shovel pass and races to the Ram 10 for a first down. Brown tries the right side of the line, gaining a yard to the 9. Time expires in the third quarter and the teams exchange ends of the field. Gale is sacked back at the Ram 15, bringing up third down. ACU has a commanding lead in first downs, 23-7.  Reggie Brown catches a 16-yard scoring pass from Gale. ACU goes for 2, with Gale completing the pass to WR Chris Fowler. ACU's lead is now 31-7 with 14:12 left in Q3.

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