Saturday, October 10, 2009

ASU Drive No. 1

ACU kickoff is fielded and returned to the ASU 32. ASU QB is Josh Neiswander, a junior. His pass to the left sideline is caught for a first down at the ASU 49 for a first down. ANother pass ic ompltee in the left flat to FL V'Keon Lacey  at the ACU 47. RB Michael Simpers scampers around right end for a first down at the ACU 31. Pass to Zach McCormick is complete at the 27. Another pass is complete at the ACU 27. Pass to SL Antwon Williams is good for a first down at the ACU 21. Pass to FB Austin Benson is incomplete in the left flat. ACU is called for offsides, and the ball moves to the 16. Garrett Tidwell runs up the middle, losing 1 yard. On second down, Neiswander passes to Tidwell, who drops it at the line of scrimmage. Neiswander srambles to the right and overthrows his receiver in the middle of the field. A 33-yard field goal attempt by Ryan Smith is wide and low to the right, and ACU's 7-0 lead is preserved with 8:11 left in Q1.

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