Saturday, October 17, 2009

WT Drive No. 3

ACU's kickoff is fielded at the 5 and returned to the WT 25. Harris passes complete at the right sideline to WR Stephen Burton at the WT 31. Harris's screen pass in the right flat is complete to Keithon Fleming, who nearly breaks a run for a TD before stepping out of bounds deep in ACU territory. WT, however, is flagged for holding, which brings the ball back to the ACU 42. On first down, Harris passes complete to WR Josephius Martin over the middle, and he is tackled at the ACU 33.  End of Q1. Harris hands off to Flemming, who escapes trouble in the backfield and is tackled at the ACU 30. ACU calls timeout. Harris pass is complete to Flemming, who runs the ball for no gain on second down. Harris is nearly sacked by Aston Whiteside, and his pass is broken up on third down. On fourth down, James Changler's 47-yard field goal attempt is wide right with 13:54 left in Q2 and ACU leading, 7-3.

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