Saturday, October 17, 2009

WT Drive No. 4

Harris passes complete to the WT 10. On second down, LB Kevin Washington sacks Harris with gusto at the WT 3, a loss of 7. Harris passes complete over the middle to WR Stephen Burton, who is tackled at the 24. ACU is flagged for a personal foul (facemask), and the ball advances to the WT 39. The Buffs are flagged for a false start, and the ball backs up to the 34. Harris passes complete to Keithon Flemming, who is tackled at the 50. Harris pases complete to WR Brittan Golden at the ACU 48, good for a first down. Harris scrambles out of the pocket and passes complete to TE Tyson Williams for a first down at the ACU 36. Harris' pass is off the hands of Burton at the right sideline. Flemming runs off left tackle but loses a yard to the 37. On third down, Harris is hurried by a charging Aston Whiteside and his throw to the left falls incomplete. On fourth down, Tim Cowdrey's punt is downed at the ACU 1 with 6:28 left in Q2.

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