Saturday, October 10, 2009

ACU Drive No. 3

RB Reggie Brown runs off left tackle for 5. Brown again takes the handoff and runs up the middle for a first down at the ACU 46. Brown carries again, gaining 5 up the middle to the ASU 41. Gale completes a shovel pass to Brown, who rumbles up the middle for another first down, at the ASU 32. Gale's attempted swing pass is batted down on second down. ACU calls time out on third and 10 with 2:12 left in Q1. Gale passes complete in the right flat to Brown, who runs to the 24, leaving the Wildcats with third down and 1 to go. Brown tries right end, tackled just inches short of a first down. ACU is going for it on fourth down. Brown runs behind left tackle, and makes the necessary yardage to move the down markers. First and 10 at the ASU 20.  New RB is Daryl Richardson, who fights up the middle for a gain of 5. Richardson tries left tackle for a gain of 1. First quarter ends and the teams switch ends of the field. On third down, Reggie Brown is gang-tackled at the 13, losing 2 yards. On fourth down, Morgan Lineberry's 30-yard field goal is perfect, stretching ACU's lead to 10-0 with 14:18 left in Q2. That's a 12-play, 49-yard drive, by the way. 

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Chris said...

Grand Valley lost today, which means, if we win, we'll be #1 in the country.