Saturday, November 7, 2009

ACU Drive No. 12

At the ACU 3, Reggie Brown rumbles up the middle to the Wildcat 18 for a first down. Brown runs up the middle again, gaining 7 to the 25. Brown again runs, losing his footing at the 27, bringing up 3rd and inches. Brown bulls up the middle, gaining the first down at the 28. Gale passes complete to WR Kendrick Johnson, good for 8 to the 37. On 2nd and 1, Brown rushes up the middle for another first down to the ACU 43. Gale throws the ball away, under heavy pressure, bringing up 2nd and 10. Gale throws incomplete. With 8:19 left, Gale passes complete to WR Dennis Campbell for a first down at the MSU 38, a gain of 19 yards. Richardson rushes up the middle to the 33 a gain of 5. Richardson runs left to the 31, a gain of 2. Kendrick Johnson takes the handoff on an end-around but it stopped for no gain. Morgan Lineberry attempts a 51-yard field goal, and it is good, his second long-range FG of the game and third of the season. He becomes the first player in ACU history to kick two 50-yard-plus field goals in the same game. New score is MSU 15, ACU 13 with 6:03 left in Q4.

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