Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lessons Learned: ACU vs. NWMo

  • For the second straight year, ACU's season has a win over and a loss to the Bearcats as bookends.
  • Northwest Missouri State is just plain good, especially good in the playoffs, where Mel Tjeerdsma's team has more postseason wins than any other NCAA Division II coach. They have made the playoffs 11 times in the past 13 years, with a 25-9 postseason record during that run, have never lost in the second round, and have played in the last four national championship games. 
  • It's hard to beat a team twice in the same season, as Midwestern State learned last week, and ACU was reminded of again today.
  • A 19-14 loss to ACU, in Abilene, is the only blemish on NWMo's 11-1 record in 2009. The Wildcats have lost just five games the past two years, with the Bearcats responsible for a pair of those defeats, both season-enders in the playoffs.
  • ACU is the only team in the last 30 games to beat the Bearcats on their home field. 
  • If I was NWMo fan, I'd be looking into motel reservations in Florence, Ala., the weekend of Dec. 12 for what should be a fifth straight appearance in the national title game.
  • For all those fans who want to see a series of playoffs end the annual speculation over which team is the best in the nation, be careful what you wish for and remember that in Playoff Land, only one team in the country goes home a winner at the end of the year. How many sports talk radio stations would that put out of business? Enjoy all those upcoming bowl games for teams with five or less losses while you still can.

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