Saturday, November 14, 2009

MSU Drive No. 11

ACU's kickoff is fielded by Mathis at the 7 and returned to the MSU 26. Eskridge passes complete to TE J.J. Ford to the 39 and a first down. Eskridge passes over the head of WR Sheldon Galloway on the right sideline. On 2nd and 10, Mathis runs around left end to the MSU 45. On 3rd and 3, Eskridge passes incomplete down the middle, but ACU jumps offsides, moving the ball to the Wildcat 48, and gaining a first down. Eskridge fakes the option handoff up the middle and runs around left end for a first down at the ACU 36. Eskridge is sacked (for the eighth time today) at the 47 by LB Casey Carr and DL Marvin Jones. On 2nd and 20, Eskridge passes over the head of his receiver at the left sideline. On 3rd and 20, Eskridge's pass is knocked down by CB Josh Wise, and MSU is flagged for holding, a penalty ACU declines. On 4th and 20, Jose Martinez' is downed at the ACU 10 with 7:04 left in Q4.

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