Saturday, November 7, 2009

ACU Drive No. 6

At the MSU 45 with 10:21 left in Q2, Edmund Gates takes the end-around handoff and gains 9 to the 36. Mitchell Gale runs 2 yards to the 34, and a first down. Richardson runs 4 to the 30. Gale passes complete to WR Dennis Campbell at the 23 and a first down. Richardson finds no room to run, tackled after losing 2 to the 25. Gale passes complete to Richardson at the 20. Gale passes complete to Campbell at the MSU 8. Gale's pass to Emery Dudensing is batted down. Gates takes the handoff on an end-around and runs 5 yards to the 3. MSU calls its final time out of the first half with 6:38 left in Q2. (MSU QB Eskridge is 11 for 11 for 197 yards and 1 TD thus far. WR Andy Tanner has 4 catches for 89 yards.) On 3rd and goal, Gale passes complete to TE Trey Simone for a TD. ACU is flagged for a personal foul, which will take effect on the ensuing kickoff. PAT kick by Morgan Lineberry is good and the new score is MSU 15, ACU 7 with 6:23 left in Q2.

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