Saturday, November 7, 2009

MSU Drive No. 6

ACU's kickoff is fielded at the MSU 25 and returned to the Mustang's 37. QB Zack Eskridge hands off to RB BeeJay Mathis after a gain of 2 to the 40. Eskridge passes complete to Jared Freeman at the 46 of MSU, bringing up 3rd down. ACU jumps offsides, and Eskridge passes complete to Freeman at the ACU 42, a gain of 12. Lester Bush rushes to the 40. Eskridge is sacked at the 43 by Fred Thompson and Aston Whiteside. Eskridge runs from trouble in the form of Derek Odelusi, and throws the ball away to no one in particular. ACU calls a timeout with 3:09 left in Q2. On 4th and 11, Eskridge pooch-kicks the ball, which is downed at the Wildcat 4 with 2:58 left.

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