Saturday, November 14, 2009

MSU Drive No. 1

ACU kickoff fair-caught at the MSU 20. Zack Eskridge is the QB and BeeJay Mathis is the RB. Eskridge passes complete over the middle to Jared Freeman, but MSU is called for holding, and ball moves back to the 31. Mathis is caught by Aston Whiteside in the backfield and fumbles, but MSU recovers at the 24. Eskridge is sacked by Marvin Jones at the 16. 3rd and 23. Eskridge keeps the ball and is run out of bounds at the 29. On fourth down, MSU's punt is fielded by Kendrick Johnson, but flags fly. ACU flagged for holding and MSU flagged for a block in the back. ACU gains possession at its 35.

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