Saturday, November 7, 2009

ACU Drive No. 13

Ball on the ACU 30 with 3:31 left. Gale scrambles 3 yards to the ACU 33. Gale passes completes to Edmund Gates to the 36 with 2:54 left in Q4. Gale passes complete to Gates at the 41 for a first down with 2:37 left. Reggie Brown rushes 5 to the 46 and a first down. Under 2:00 left. ACU is flagged for a false start, bringing up 2nd and 10. Gale passes over the head of Kendrick Johnson on the right side, bringing up 3rd and 10 from the 41. Gale scrambles to the 44, and ACU calls time out with 1:05 left. On 4th and 7, Gale passes incomplete to Gates, and MSU takes over.

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