Saturday, November 7, 2009

ACU Drive No. 5

MSU's kickoff is downed in the end zone by ACU's V.J. McElroy. Daryl Richardson runs 4 yards to the 24 as Q1 ends. On 2nd and 6, WR Kendrick Johnson takes the end-around handoff and runs to the MSU 49, a gain of 27. ACU is flagged for a false start, moving the ball back to the Wildcat 46. On 1st and 15, the snap is bad from C Matt Webber, but Mitchell Gale falls on it at the 43. Gale passes complete to Richardson at the Mustang 42, bringing up 3rd and 3. Richardson is tackled 2 yards short of a first down on a run play. On 4th and 1 at the 40, ACU decides to go for it, calling a timeout first, however. MSU then calls a time out. Gale passes complete to Justin Andrews at the MSU 19, but is flagged for a personal foul, and the ball moves back to the 40. Mark Sprague's punt is fielded at the MSU 12 and returned to the 22 of MS with 12:19 left in Q2.

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