Friday, November 20, 2009

Nick of Time

After 20 years, Perry Hogsten just held his son for the first time.

About half past eight this morning, in the parking lot outside the Ramada Inn in St. Joseph, Mo., ACU defensive end Nick Jones extended his right hand to welcome the father he'd only heard about. Hogsten wanted no part of it.

Instead, the father wrapped both arms around his son, clutching his hands together on the other side, and held on for dear life.

"Good to finally see you," Nick said. His father, head buried in his son's massive left shoulder, pulled back, sized up his boy for the first time and smiled.

Good indeed.

Read more about this story in the Dallas Morning News. Lance Fleming is preparing a piece for ACU Today.

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LargeLandMammal said...

What a great story, and a testament to the power of forgiveness and second chances. All the best to Nick and his families, both on the field and off. GO CATS!